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At Rhino Smash Sauce Co., we believe that flavor is the most important aspect of any sauce. That's why we take great care in crafting each of our sauces to bring out the best flavors possible.


Our process starts with carefully selecting the finest ingredients, including a variety of spices, herbs, and peppers. We then expertly blend these ingredients together to create a sauce that is packed with flavor, even in our hottest varieties.


But our commitment to flavor doesn't stop there. We also taste test each of our sauces with as many people as possible, gathering feedback and making adjustments until we get it just right.


We pride ourselves on creating sauces that are not only delicious, but also full of depth and complexity. Whether you're looking for a mild sauce to add some extra flavor to your meals or a fiery hot sauce to bring the heat, we've got you covered.

New Blueberry BBQ Sauce and Seasoning Mix!

Blues BBQ

Our very first BBQ sauce! Our Blues BBQ is a scratch-made blueberry bbq sauce, and as we do with everything we make, its PACKED with flavor!

A little sweet and a little savory it's perfect for your next back yard barbecue!

Our hometown Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce originally requested this sauce to be the official 2022 Pigz in Z'hills BBQ sauce.

The locals loved it so much we absolutely had to bring it back. This sauce was previously only available during the Pigz in Z'Hills festival but now its back for good!

Rhino Smash Sacue Co Blues BBQ Blueberry BBQ Sauce
Rhino Smash Sauce Co. Flavor Enlargening Sprinkles All Purpose Seasoning

Flavor Enlargement Sprinkles!

Before you even tap into our sauces,
set your dish up for maximum flavor with this savory and ever so slightly sweet seasoning blend.

We originally designed 
this seasoning blend for your backyard BBQ but you will be surprised 
at how well this works on everything you try it on!

Add it while you are cooking, use it as a dry rub, 
sprinkle it on your vegetables,

pizza or eggs.  
Anything that needs a flavor enlargement!

Contact us:
Phone: (813) 862-1404
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