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     Here at Rhino Smash Sauce Co. we believe in providing the best products with the best ingredients. We aim to provide sauces that will be loved and enjoyed by people of all heat tolerances.

     We are wing and hot sauce enthusiasts, who refuse to put out a sauce that we ourselves don't love. All of our sauces are designed with a flavor first mentality by layering different peppers and spices to create the mouth feel and heat level that is unique to each sauce.


     Each of our sauces are thoroughly vetted through extensive taste tests, not just by ourselves, friends and family, but anyone and everyone that we meet and is willing to lend us their taste buds.


     For wholesale inquires please contact us by e-mail at

Please include your name, contact info, and products of interest.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Apple Pay (Coming Soon)

- Google Pay (Coming Soon)

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