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     Sometime back around 2008 two of the founders, Matthew and Jason, had been on the hunt for really good wings. We tried so many and it was the same thing everywhere we went, generic hot sauce, butter and maybe some chili flakes or garlic thrown in.


The two of us decided to start trying to making our own.


After a little trial and error, Sweet Pepper Medium was born!


Not long after that, more sauces followed such as Phoenix and Lime Cilantro.


     Our friends and family loved the sauce and since we both enjoyed cooking we thought, "hey why not open up a restaurant?!" We logged many hours looking into and researching and shortly after came to the conclusion that our dream of owning a wing shop wasn't financially viable, the sauce recipes were shelved and just made on occasion for friends and family.​


     Many many years later....We would occasionally bring sauce with us to wing restaurants and bars, just so we could have a little taste of our former dream on wings.


     Then one day a friend suggested we make the sauces for his bar/ restaurant and we jumped at the chance!Turns out there was a lot more that went into making and selling sauces than we realized. We kept at it though and refused to quit and finally after getting through all the red tape and spending money left right and crooked we finally did it.


     Here we are today making sauces until our hearts are content and hopefully your taste buds will be too.